Are you relying on Google to plan your wedding?
October 23, 2013
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Welcome Ya’ll (or YOU, should no one else be reading)


I am so very delighted to welcome you to the new website and new blog!

I am a long time blog reader, first time blogger (so please, go easy on me).

I plan on utilising this blog to share my ideas and opinions on all things WEDDINGS! As well as share some of my work and inspirations with you.

I am a Wedding Planner and Designer and have worked with many brides, photographers, venues, florists, stylists, celebrants, musician’s, caterer’s, wankers (wait, what?) and all other vendors in between!

Some of my favourite things are, DIY, peonies, puppies, the colour black (conflicting, I know), Asian food, Mimosa’s, Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand blends please), accessories, the ocean, brunch, candles, cold nights, warm nights (yes, I realise how this sounds, but I like what I like), people who make me laugh, reading under a tree, cooking and entertaining friends, being barefoot, cheesy reality TV shows (especially anything from the Real Housewife franchise and no I am not proud of this), all music (except 80’s and House) holiday-ing with my wonderful Husband, drinks with my fabulous Sisters and most of all, I love my job!

I could go on and on, but what I really want to talk about is my new website!!!

I hope you all love it as much as me……it was months of hard work, and being the perfectionist I am, many many changes (yes, the web developers are really glad to be rid of me).

You may notice we have added Event Decor Hire to our repertoire. I found that my clients were always asking me to find particular things for them, and I usually ended up making it myself. So, I thought why not start hiring out special, one of a kind pieces. It helps that DIY and furniture refurbing is one of my favourite past times. Oh and I should probably mention that I often require the help of my super handy hubby (eek I hate that word but I felt it was better suited to the sentence ha!) when my pieces require the use of a complicated power tool. So thank you Husband, for making me glad I chose you 😉

Wow, I really like blogging.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my first blog entry. I plan on updating regularly. Nothing worse than a stale, out-dated blog eh?!.

And please, feel free to share the new site with your friends. Visit our Facebook page for regular updates as well as tips and recommendations for fab wedding vendors!

Be amazing! (I am trying to work on a cool sign off line….too cheesy? I agree, I’ll continue to work on it).

Rhianna xo