Our creative team can completely style your wedding or assist you with the Design.

Ensure your wedding or event styling reflects you.

Our services are a little different to that of other Stylists.... We incorporate your ideas and any pieces you wish to include and combine them with our awesome concepts and pieces, to help you create your very own style.
Our creative team can completely design your wedding or event, or, for all you creative types, we can follow your lead and assist you with the styling.

We work closely with our clients to determine their theme and design elements.

It’s not out of the or­din­ary for us to be found scour­ing far and wide to find a par­tic­u­lar piece for our cli­ents. We can also take care of your Floral Design. With our ex­tens­ive range of vases and glass­ware, we have your centrepiece re­quire­ments sor­ted. Well, we could go on forever about how good we think we are, so why don’t we let our pre­vi­ous work and testi­mo­ni­als help you de­cide!