Whilst Google may be one of the world’s biggest information technology corporations, it has never been married, so why would we allow it plan our wedding?

I know its hard to find suppliers in an industry that most people aren’t familiar with, however, there are other ways to find your Celebrant or DJ, rather than doing a blind  Google search.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I, like most others, could not live without Google. I mean how would husband and I settle any arguments? And how would I know if my tingling finger is cancer? All I am saying is if you are looking for a particular vendor, don’t just choose the first one Google suggests.

Your best bet, if you are planning your wedding without a Wedding Planner, is to get referrals from friends or colleagues. Word of mouth is, and always has been a wonderful form of advertising. If you trust the taste of the person who is recommending a vendor, then I say “go for it!”

As a Wedding Planner, I have a great big list of preferred vendors who I know are the best at what they do, who I refer to clients knowing that there won’t be any surprises come wedding day.
Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have access to my ‘great big list’ (although in saying that, they probably do, considering how efficient their little robots are) so ask around – people will always remember a great meal they had at a wedding, or an awesome band that played. They may say things like “Oh, Sally had the best caterers! They served the most insane Salmon. I think they were based in Sydney?” Um, thanks, thats ever so helpful, and not at all vague! However, it may be worth a little investigating.

My advice is to try not use the same vendors as your close circle of friends. The guest list will likely be similar, and it’s always nice to personalise your wedding. Unless of course you are getting married at a wedding factory (not naming names) in which case you often won’t even be allowed to choose your own vendors……boo!

So, whist we all need Google to assist with a little part of the wedding planning, let’s be sure to go with recommendations where possible. And, here’s a big one…..if you are planning to wed your true love in another state or region, then you should kiss ass with your venue manager and ask them for little referrals when you get stuck. They are likely to live in the area and will have worked with lots of different vendors. The trick is to make it seem like their opinion means more to you than the Queen of England’s. Trust me, I fall for it every time 😉

Or, you could guarantee a stress free planning process and wedding day and hire yourself a “ME”

Happy planning beautiful Brides! (Yes, yes, I am still trying to find a super cool and original sign off. I think I am nearly there?!)

Rhianna xo